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Is "The First Weeks" Course for You?

Teaming Up for Optimal Breastfeeding Support

Help families meet their breastfeeding goals

Did you know that, as a health care provider, your support increases breastfeeding duration and exclusivity? And that breastfeeding support should be part of routine maternal and infant health care?  Our content and courses will provide primary care providers with the basic tools to help families navigate the breastfeeding challenges of the first weeks postpartum. 

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The First Weeks Course Highlights

Milk Supply Physiology

Breastfeeding Evaluation

Common  Challenges

Tools to Meet Challenges

"Dr. Witt’s course is essential for any provider who interacts with a woman during her breastfeeding journey, whether antepartum, intrapartum, or postpartum. As an obstetrician, we often lack the necessary training to advise breastfeeding patients. This course provides a comprehensive overview of common breastfeeding problems as well as an approach to their workup and treatment that I will use daily in my current practice.

Tricia Stepanek, MD

Teamwork Moves Us Forward!

Our Mission is to improve primary care breastfeeding support.  We are dedicated to supporting primary care providers and practices provide excellent breastfeeding support.

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