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Team-Based Lactation Consultant/Primary Care Provider Support

An Introduction to Lactation Consultant (LC)/Primary Care Provider(PCP) Team-Based Care 

Ann M. Witt, MD, FABM, IBCLC

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Improve Access

One of the barriers to breastfeeding is lack of health care services.  PCPs can help by partnering with lactation consultants.  

Our Research

Primary Care Pediatrics

Routine post-discharge outpatient lactation visits within a pediatric practice improve breastfeeding rates.

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Translating Team-Based Breastfeeding Support into Practice

Practice assessment steps to implement at your practice.

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Federally Qualified Health Care

Team-based breastfeeding support is feasible at a FQHC and patients find it helpful.

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Primary Care and Breastfeeding Support

Team-based lactation consultant/primary care provider(LC/PCP) visits combine the infant's primary care appointment with lactation consultant counseling.  The PCP oversees the plan, while the LC provides the detailed breastfeeding counseling. 

Team-based LC/PCP care acknowledges:

1.      Families want to breastfeed and health care provider support is important for successful breastfeeding.

2.      Families experience breastfeeding challenges and need a plan that addresses these difficulties. 

3.      Education of the breastfeeding family takes time and breastfeeding knowledge.  Given PCP's have limited time during their visits and variable breastfeeding education, teaming with a lactation consultant addresses this gap and provides built-in breastfeeding support.

Mother of 3

 I am a Mom of 3 and I was so determined to get breastfeeding right this time around.  I didn't make it as long with my first 2 (sadly) because I didn't understand or take advantage of how much support there was available to me.  I really feel so proud to have accomplished this goal of continuing to breastfeed her and I know I could not have done it without all the pain management tips and resources you provided early on for me. I've now set a goal of 12 months of breastfeeding and I cant wait to meet that goal with my daughter.  Thank you again. I am a walking testimony that lactation support is extremely helpful for Moms.