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Provider Breastfeeding Education:

Improve Knowledge, Gain Confidence, and Learn Practical Skills


The Tools You Need to care for the breastfeeding dyad in the first weeks. 

Our course Primary Care Breastfeeding Support: The First Weeks can  help, if you want to : 

  • Improve your ability to guide breastfeeding families through the challenges of the first weeks postpartum
  • Improve health care provider breastfeeding education
  • Learn a clinically relevant and practical approach to support breastfeeding families
  • Improve breastfeeding duration at your practice

Research shows that health care provider breastfeeding education improves breastfeeding rates.  Let's get started! 

 The First Weeks Course "is a great foundational course to lay out the basic groundwork for supporting breastfeeding in the primary care setting, and identifying possible barriers to breastfeeding and how to solve them. Laid out nicely with short, concise lecture videos that focus on the main facts for each topic."

- Pediatric Primary Care Provider

The First Weeks: Students & Residents



  • All the content of the First Weeks course but....
  • Discounted for learners who do not need CME or CERPS




The First Weeks Course


Most Popular

  • Learn practical skills
  • Concrete approach for evaluation
  • Step by step approach for common breastfeeding difficulties
  • 4.75 hours CME- AAFP Category 1 Prescribed credit
  • 4.75 L-CERPS

The First Weeks: Residency Program

Group Discounts

  • All the content of the First Weeks courseĀ 
  • We are excited to collaborate with residencies looking to integrate increased breastfeeding education into their programs.
  • Contact us to discuss group discounts
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Provider Education Updates

Email Updates: Interested in improving health care provider breastfeeding education? These evidence-based updates are for you!

Ready to Go:  Are you ready to learn practical, clinically relevant skills to help your families navigate breastfeeding in the first weeks postpartum? Interested in obtaining 4.75 CME or CERPs credit?  Let's get started!

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