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Primary Care Breastfeeding Support the First Weeks

A course providing practical, clinically relevant information for primary care providers.  Course Highlights include: 

Breastfeeding Physiology

Evaluating the Breastfeeding Dyad

Common Challenges

Tools to Meet the Challenges

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  • Train primary care physicians and want to improve knowledge, confidence and¬†clinical breastfeeding practice.¬†
  • Are committed to supporting breastfeeding
  • Want to¬† improve physician breastfeeding education
  • Like providing guidance to postpartum breastfeeding families
  • Know breastfeeding is beneficial for your patients but need more guidance on how to practically support them in the early postpartum
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  • A big picture overview of breastfeeding.
  • A detailed¬†review of breastfeeding benefits
  • Focus on the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and inpatient breastfeeding management


Lydia Furman MD 

"I have been caring for breastfeeding dyads in my clinical practice but I learned a lot about how to fine tune my care and about shared decision making and a more nuanced approach to increasing milk supply and supplementation (for example). Excellent course and covers so many relevant topics nonjudgmentally and thoroughly." 

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